We accept the UBL2.1 XML compliant directly as the input for the generate einvoice API. The xml input needs to be base64 encoded. Here are some attached documents for your reference

As part of our responsibilities we will enrich the following elements within the document before sending it to ZATCA

  • ProfileID

  • UUID

  • IssueDate

  • IssueTime

  • Previous Invoice Hash

  • Invoice Counter Value

  • Signature (Simplified Document Only)

  • QR Code (Simplified Document Only)

  • UBL Extensions (Simplified Document Only)

If you want to do a quick test without registering your company within our website you can try out the following ENV. Basic test can be done here to see if your document is compliant or not.

Request Method


Request Path


Request Headers

Request Body

The response for the API can be found here.

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