Masters India has created a solution to seamlessly integrate your invoice generation software with the KSA Government Service (ZATCA) to ensure both B2B and B2C Invoices are generated in accordance with the phase II regulations. New features will be documented as and when they are complete.
As part of our responsibilities, we handle the following
  • Invoice Chaining and Counter Management
  • UUID Generation
  • Invoice Hash Generation
  • Addition of the QR Code
  • XML Extensions
  • XML Signing
Apart of Einvoice Generation we also handle the following
  • Onboarding of your company to the ZATCA Fatoora Portal
  • Archival of the Invoice post Reporting/Clearance to ZATCA
  • Generation of PDF Invoices as per requirement of the customer


Before you can begin generating e-invoices you will need to do first do the following
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